Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order a pie? Do you ship?

Thank you for your interest! At this time, I just bake for fun at home, and do not have a shop or sell any pies. 


What do you do with all the pies and tarts then?

I weigh a million pounds! Just kidding. Because my household has reached 100% oversaturation with pie consumption, I pawn off everything I make to family, friends, and neighbors. Nothing goes to waste!


Why pies? 

I come from a family of phenomenal eaters and grew up baking and cooking my whole life. But I didn't make my first pie until September 2016, when I was newly moved to Seattle and had extra time on my hands while I looked for a job. I had come across photos of really beautiful pies on Pinterest and wondered if I could pull it off too. I jumped right in, and this plaid lattice pie was the first one I ever made.

Pies didn't immediately become "my thing" though. I started the @lokokitchen Instagram account in August 2017 simply as a holding place for my food photos, but by some stroke of wild internet magix, it went viral and now I'm deep into the pie world and having a blast.


How long does it take to make a pie?


Depending on the design, it can take me anywhere from two to six hours to construct one of my creations from beginning to end. Not all of which is active time as dough requires chilling time in the fridge between each stage. 


Can you share your process?

Check out this video I made with BuzzFeed Tasty! 


Do you post recipes anywhere?

Alas, I do not post recipes anywhere at the moment, but stay tuned for further developments!


Do you offer classes? 

Keep an eye on the Events tab for any upcoming classes and workshops!


Pies generally look like baked pies after they've emerged from the oven. I know, it's shocking. No, they're never as precise afterwards (at least mine aren't!), but then again, what isn't after being subjected to 400-degree heat for an hour? I'm still learning as I go along, but take a peek at my Instagram feed and story highlights for a sampling of some baked shots.


Can you share the travel recommendations you crowd-sourced on Instagram?