Essential Baking Tools

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Pizza Stone

My pizza stone pretty much never leaves the oven. It’s one of my favorite pie-baking tricks for helping to ensure well-cooked and crisp pie bottoms.

Why this one: Good price, comes with a pizza cutter…and fun fact: pizza is my favorite kind of pie!


Pies often require quite a bit of baking time, and because the crust edges tend to bake the quickest, a shield can prevent them from burning before the filling is cooked through. If you baked pies regularly, a silicone shield saves you from fashioning a shield from aluminum foil every time.

Why this one: These shields can be a little fiddly to use, but are the best I’ve found. They’re also dishwasher safe, which is always a bonus!



Parchment Paper

Since keeping things cold is essentially to pie-making, I do all intricate dough weaving on parchment, so I can slip a baking sheet until the whole operation to pop in the fridge to cool down whenever necessary. I also line my rimmed baking sheets with parchment when I bake pies to help cut down on the cleanup.

Why this one: It’s a good price, and it does what I need.

Metal Pie Tin

I’ve tried many types of pie tins: Glass, Ceramic, Aluminum, Disposable Foil. This is by far my favorite. The pie bottoms are always crisp, and the baked pies come right out of the tin every time.

Why this one: No soggy bottoms!



Glass Pie PLATES

Glass pie plates conduct heat well, and are another good option.

Why this one: Simple, affordable, and effective.

RIMMED Baking Sheets

I always bake my pies on rimmed baking sheets to catch any bubbling juices and prevent oven messes. These baking sheets also serve so many other purposes in the kitchen—baking and cooking.

Why this one: I have a whole stack of these in the cupboard. They hold up well and are easy to clean.