Walk and   roll.🚶🏻‍♀️| Tomorrow I’ll be participating in Walk MS for the   19th year to raise money and awareness about Multiple Sclerosis, an as yet   incurable autoimmune disease that affects millions of people, including my   mom. Ben and I will be sloth jogging the 5K, and hoping that this is the year   they start handing out pizza on the sidelines instead of bananas.   🙏🏽 I got a majorly late start on fundraising, but if you want   to throw in a morning latte or happy hour beer or even a whole pizza’s worth,   the link is in my bio. My family and so many others hope we can find a cure   in our lifetime! 🧡 And if you’re walking in Seattle, I’ll be wearing   a purple shirt with high fives at the ready! 😎| Cherry berry zigzag   pie with beet coloring        April 6th, 2019
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