Essential Design Tools

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OFFSET Spatula

An offset spatula is useful for spreading and/or smoothing tart fillings, and moving delicate pieces of fruit for tart decorating.

Why this one: Cheap, durable, and comfortable handle.

ROLLING Pastry Wheel

This is one of my most-used tools. I use it to cut dough strips for a wide range of designs.

Why this one: Not only is this model very affordable, the rolling wheel is smooth and stable, which ensures straight lines every time.



Bench Scraper

Great for forming pie dough, scooping dough off your work surface if it sticks, and for cleaning off your countertop when you’re finished! A tool that is useful at various stages of the pie-baking process.

Why this one: This model has a straight edge that cuts and scrapes effectively and a comfortable, grippy handle.

Rolling Pin

Another staple item in a baker’s kit. I prefer tapered rolling pins for their lighter weight and for the control they afford when rolling out dough.

Why this one: Lightweight, easy to clean, great price.



Shape Cutters

I use shape cutters on both fruit and dough for a variety designs. While they’re certainly not essential—a chef’s knife and a paring knife will also achieve geometric shapes—they do ensure uniformity and will save you time.

Why this one: This set includes a good range of shapes in a variety of sizes giving you lots of design options.

Circle Cutters

Circle cutters are a key tool in executing my signature spoke design and are also useful for a variety of tart designs.

Why this one: This is a great, sturdy set, and my favorite feature is the rounded protective edges, which don’t cut into your fingers when you need to punch a million circles for a tart design.