Date: February 14, 2018   March to a different beet. 🥁| Because were goobers by principle, Valentine’s is an extended excuse for lighthearted, unorthodox traditions for my partner and I—exchanging joke presents (a bouquet of boxers one year, an obese plush T-Rex another) and watching  @pinkpanthermgm  (the really bad/amazing remakes with Steve Martin). In our golden San Diego days, we’d load up the car with  @tjoysterbar  tacos and Sour Patch Kids and go to the drive-in theater in our pajamas. This unusually-colored pie crust is an ode to our philosophy that an important aspect of any relationship is fun. Here’s to merriment! | Special thanks to  @chefspringsheldon  who, after my experiment with raspberry dough went ham (🤣), kindly sent an email walking me through the process of vibrantly coloring with beet compound butter and beet juice! Genius. 💖
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