Date: April 11, 2018   Neon the lookout. 👀| Sundry apples, the dredges of the miso caramel jar, and miscellaneous portions of beet and blueberry dough from the freezer because spring cleaning. | In other v boring housekeeping items (waaaay too much laughing on the last post, must dial back the fun 😉), anyone have a surefire solution for cleaning the inside of the oven door? Not sure what the previous tenants exploded in there, but I’ve been scrubbing for a year. The fewer the chemicals, the better (but so far, baking soda/vinegar/dish soap have not proven effective). 🆘 And while we’re at it, I’m also accepting strategies for getting in summer shape without exercising and giving up salty snacks. Spanx in advance. 🙃
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