Essential Prep Tools

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A fine-mesh sieve is a key component for achieving smooth curds for tarts and is useful for many other things around the kitchen.

Why this one: A sturdy handle is important when you’re pressing fruit purees and curds through the sieve. I’ve gone through a few and this one has held up better than others.


Some tasks like whipping cream or beating cream cheese for a simple filling just don’t warrant the hassle of lugging out the stand mixer. This hand mixer does the job and is easy to maneuver and clean.

Why this one: Kitchen Aid makes a great mixer that has served me well and is a great value!



Digital Scale

Digital scales are an essential part of any baker’s kitchen. Measuring cups can produce a range of results, and a digital scale helps ensure accurate measurements and consistent results.

Why this one: This scale cheap but accurate, and has lasted me years!

Chef’s Knife

A good, sharp chef’s knife is an essential tool for cooking and baking. I rely heavily on mine for cutting and slicing fruit for pie fillings and tart tops.

Why this one: Tojiro knives hold edges well, are balanced, and have comfortable handles.



Paring Knife

The other key knife in your kit is the paring knife. I use mine to trim pie crusts, peel fruit, cut geometric shapes, and nudge patterns into place.

Why this one: Another Tojiro, can’t go wrong.

Silicone Spatula

I like silicone spatulas for their heat-resistance and their flexibility for scraping down bowls and pots. I use mine for cooking fruit curds, gently mixing fillings, and getting every last bit of chocolate ganache out of the bowl!

Why this one: This pack of spatulas is a great value and I like having the two sizes.


Mixing Bowls

You need a set of mixing bowls for everything, and it’s nice to have a set of metal and glass.

Why these: Pyrex makes a great set of glass bowls and a nice set of stainless steel bowls is easy to come by for a good price.