Lokokitchen In The NEWS

Lokokitchen has received a significant amount of local, national, and international media attention since the launch of her Instagram account in 2017.

Below are some highlights:

Media - For any press inquiries, please reach out to lauren@lokokitchen.com! We look forward to hearing from you.

Oprah Magazine - March & November ‘18


Dining Guide - January ‘19

Seattle Channel - December ‘18

Awesome Byte - November ‘18

Lauren specializes in creating straight lines and geometric patterns in contrasting colors and textures. Her amazing color sense is quite evident in her work. And the flavors she churns out are something quite out of this world.
— Deepak Mehla

425 Magazine - November ‘18

‘Everything looks like pie to me,’ she said. ‘As I’m walking around, or shopping for clothes, or when I’m out and about in the city, or at a museum, or pretty much any place, anytime my eye gravitates toward color pops and patterns, and repetitive geometric sequences — any sort of texture — my mind immediately goes: Oh, that could be my next pie design or tart design.’

Domestika - October ‘18

Lauren comenzó a experimentar con el procesador de alimentos, la mantequilla y diversas frutas, teniendo resultados sumamente llamativos.

Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca - October ‘18

My Modern Met (2) - October ‘18

Scrolling through Ko’s feed feels like visiting a contemporary art gallery—each edible work of art is a feast for the eyes
— Emma Taggart

Washington Post - October ‘18

Martha Bakes - September ‘18

She recreates one of her most popular pies on the show, her signature blueberry spoke, which has strips of dough fanning out in a swirled wheel pattern. She’ll also be making one of her other defining designs in a different “Martha Bakes” episode: a multicolored, mosaic tart with pieces of mango, kiwi, and dragonfruit that evoke tangram puzzles.
— Frances Kim

Seattle Times - August ‘18

Ko is eager to break down her complex designs into their more straightforward parts, none of which require you to run around town trying to find a nice leaf-shaped crust cutter
— Zoe Sayler

King 5 News - August ‘18

The Cut - June ‘18

Scrolling through the orderly, aesthetic delight of her pies is like visual therapy, a Swedish massage for your eyeballs, their hypnotic, complex perfection a brief, welcome respite from the utter chaos of existence. I had to make one.
— Madeleine Aggeler

Tasting Table - April ‘18

...Ko’s pies are so stunning because of their precision and detail...
— Brooke Siem

Huffington Post - March ‘18

Buzzfeed Tasty - March ‘18

USA TODAY - Eat Sip Trip - 10 Best - February ‘18

...her hypnotizing designs would revolutionize the entire pie industrial complex. Within five months she has found herself with 120,000 followers and countless copycats.
— Kevin Farrell

Vice - Munchies - January ‘18

[The pies and tarts] are pretty spectacular, some with gobsmackingly intricate lattices, others studded with goldenberries and pomegranate seeds
— Mayukh Sen

Kitchn - December ‘17

Although she currently only has 26 posts, her work is clean, crisp, and totally inspiring.

My Modern Met - December ‘17

Lauren Ko, a home baker from Seattle, produces spectacular pie crusts that are as much a work of art as they are tasty.

Vogue - December ‘17

...while many of these pie posters are pastry chefs and food bloggers, one pie account that’s getting heaps of praise has no culinary background whatsoever. Or even a design one.

Grub Street - November ‘17

The October 29 shot, which shows thin, layered strips of dough overlapping and twisting around a small grouping of cherries, now has 71,000 likes, and Ko’s account recently notched its 30,000th follower — which is why she’s baking (and posting photos of) so many pies.

KUOW - November ‘17

Her portfolio would probably put Martha Stewart to shame, but Ko insists she’s a novice with lots to learn.

Cosmopolitan - November ‘17

Amateur baker Lauren Ko has an Instagram account that’s about to become your newest (and most delicious!) obsession.

Trendencias México - November ‘17

Y, ahora, hemos conocido a Lauren Ko, una administrativa de Seattle que, hasta hace unos días, solo hacía tartas por placer... hasta que se convirtió en la última sensación viral en Instagram.

Yep, that’s right: Lauren only started baking pies A YEAR AGO.

SBS Food Australia - November ‘17

But almost exclusively, the top #pieart posts are from one woman - Lauren Ko, who posts under the name @lokokitchen.

Aruscity Spain - November ‘17

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— Pablo

Seattle Magazine - November ‘17

Ko, 30, isn’t a nobody—she’s just being modest. But she’s not a pastry chef, she’s never gone to culinary school, she’s not even trying to sell her baked goods out of her house. She says she actually likes savory foods more than sweets, but she loves baking and started playing around with pies and tarts in an artistic way.

Mic - November ‘17

You’ve seen her pies around the Internet — enchanting, elegant, intricately designed circles, always photographed from above. But the pie queen behind @lokokitchen, the Instagram account that has amassed more than 60,000 followers in three months, has an unconventional culinary background: none whatsoever.

Mashable - November ‘17

Driven by color and pattern, Ko constantly brainstorms color combinations and geometric patterns that she replicates with pie dough and fruit. Science!

Bored Panda - November ‘17

...we can’t even begin to imagine how long it would take one of us lazy pandas to make something this extra.